Scott Farr, CAS

Production Sound Mixer

(310) 902-5944


Recording Sound since 2001

IASTE Local 695 since 2007

Travel to over 22 countries

Unscripted: (**Supervising Sound Mixer)

**BYUtv: The Fixers S4

ESPN: Gracie
CTV: Farming For Love

Variety: MUNA “Live From My Den”

Netflix: Killer Sally

CineFlix: Somebody’s Hiding Something

**Netflix: Under the Influence S1

FOX: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars!

**BYUtv: The Fixers S3

HBO Max: Beanie Mania

**Food Network: Bake or Break

VH1: Love and Hip Hop Couples Retreat S2

VH1: Love and Hip Hop Family Reunion S2

HBO Max: Second Chance Retreat

CBS: Undercover Boss (Reboot)

Disney Channel: Disney’s Magic Bake Off

**Amazon: El Buki (Marco Antonio Solis) Documentary

Netflix: Sugar Rush (S3)

Disney+: Disney Fairytale Weddings (S2)

**Cooking Channel: Man vs Food (S4)

**History Channel: Ancient Aliens

Disney+: Prop Culture

Netflix: Jenna Lyons Project

**Food Network: Baking Bad

FOX: Master Chef (S9)

Showtime: All Access - Quest for the Stanley Cup 2017

Investigation Discovery: Grave Secrets (S2)

**Science Channel: What on Earth (S1 - S4)

**Science Channel: NASA Unexplained Files (S1 - S3)

** The Runner

Showtime: All Access - Quest for the Stanley Cup 2016

HBO: Hard Knocks LA Rams

NFL Films: High School Honor Roll w/Derrick Coleman

**Discovery Family: Inaccurate History w/Jack & Ozzy 

CNBC: The Restaurant Startup (S3)

The Hundreds - Built to Fail (feature documentary)

Animal Planet - Treehouse Masters (S3)

**CMT - The Parkers

**UCLA Children’s Hospital - Seizing Kelsey

**NatGeo Channel - Doomsday Preppers(S4)

WETV - The Lylas

**AT&T U-verse: Buzz (S2)

**MTV2 - The DUB Magazine Project(S2)

**National Kidney Foundation - The Kidney Chain Project

**BBC - NASA/JPL Curiosity Mars Rover

**NatGeo Channel - Doomsday Preppers(S2)

ABC Family: Beverly Hills Nannies “Nannies Tell All Live”

**MTV Tr3s - The Ladder (Jaunes)

**OWN - Alphas (w/Leslie Blodgett)

**OWN - Army Wives of Alaska (Anchorage & Fairbanks)

**OWN - Untitled Makeover Project

**Travel Channel - Hidden City (Anchorage, Ak)

**OWN - Customer is Always Right (Sizzler Steak House)

**Discovery Channel - Alaskan Love

**Discovery Channel - Alaskan Butcher

**BET - Countdown: Mindless Behavior

**TruTV - Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura

**OWN - Beautiful Millionaire Woman

**DirecTV - DirecTV N-3D Awards

Travel Channel - Sand Masters

**NBC - The Voice Tour 2011

**UFCTV - UFC 133 Promo - Rashad Evans vs Tito Ortiz

**National Geographic Channel - Goldfathers

**MTV2 - The DUB Magazine Project (S1 - S2) - Li Na (Tennis Pro)

**Denmark TV3 - Dancing with Sonny Pederson (S3)

Cartoon Network - Hall of Game Awards

CBS - Undercover Boss (ABM Industries) 

CBS - Undercover Boss (Baja Fresh) 

CBS - Undercover Boss (BrightStar Care)

CBS - Undercover Boss (Chicago Cubs) 

CBS - Undercover Boss (Chiquita Brands)

CBS - Undercover Boss (Frontier Airlines)

CBS - Undercover Boss (Johnny Rockets)

CBS - Undercover Boss (Lucky Strike Lanes) 

CBS - Undercover Boss (MGM Grand)

CBS - Undercover Boss (NASCAR)

CBS - Undercover Boss (Subway)

CBS - Undercover Boss (UCR) 

**Travel Channel - Food Wars

**WETV - Sunset Daze

**PBS - Frontline: Factory Farming

HGTV - My First Place - The Quest for G

**HBO - First Look: Planet 51

**Military Channel: Spec Ops Mission

Bravo: Rachel Zoe Project

**VH1: Secrets of Aspen - Airing Pilot

BET: First In (Compton Fire Dept.)

**Lifetime: Untitled Weight-loss Project

MTV New Zealand: Full Tank w/Amber Peebles

MTV New Zealand: Video Music Awards: Los Angeles

**MTV: Hick Parade (Saliva)

MTV: The Hills

**TLC: Rock the Reception

NBC: Celebrity Circus

MTV: Buzin’

CCTV: Nike’s Basketball Disciples

**SpikeTV: Navy SEALs - Declassified Files

Discovery: EcoTown

TLC: American Chopper

**Military: Showdown - Air Combat

**Discovery Health: Living with Diabetes

**Spike TV: Ultimate Fighter Championship

**NatGeo: Undercover History: The Roswell Conspiracy

**AOL/Moviephone: Unscripted

**Speed: Martini World Circuit - The Andretti's

ABC: Master of Champions

**WEtv: Bridezillas Reunion Special

**FOX Reality: Worlds Most Amazing Videos 3

**ABC: How to get the Guy

USA Network: The Great American Christmas

**Discovery Canada: She's The Boss: DuWop Cosmetics

**TLC: Family Autonomy

ESPN: Knight School

**A&E: God or the Girl

**CBS: Magic’s A Midsummer Nights Magic 20th Anniversary

**TLC: Under the Hood

FOX: The Will

FOX: Faking It (S2 - S3)

**FOX: Renovate My Family

UPN: Americas Next Top Model Casting

**VH1: Plastic Surgeryland

CBS: For Love or Money (S3)

**MTV: Room Raiders - Las Vegas

**Lifetime: I Hate

**A&E: Las Vegas Chapel Wars

**MTV: Brittney Spears The Onyx Hotel Tour

FX: ToddTV (Pilot & Series)

**SPIKE TV: 10 Things Every Guy Should Experience

ABC: The Ultimate Love Test

FOX: Joe Millionaire 2

**ABC Family: Switched Primetime (S1)

FOX: Married By America

**Dreamworks: Papa Roach - Dancing in the Ashes 

MTV: Making the Movie

MTV: Making the Game

MTV: Making the Casting

MTV: Making the Tour

MTV: Making the Video

**ABC Family: Switched (S1, S2 & S3)

**MTV: Love Songs S.O.S.

**HGTV: Backyard Brigade

MTV: Teen Choice Awards

HGTV: House Hunters

**Game Show: Who Wants to be Governor of California 

FOX: Temptation Island

VH1: Bands on the Run

EL Buki 

UCLA Kidney Transplant

and Donation Program

Sandy Bodecker